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Webber set to return to scene of last F1 win

Mark Webber is hoping for a clear weekend to end his winning drought as he returns to the scene of his last F1 victory this month in Britain.

Mark-Webber-3The Australian, whose Red Bull career is in doubt beyond his 2013 contract, has won two of the last three F1 races at Silverstone — but has not recorded a single victory since the British grand prix last year.

At the same time, his teammate and habitual title winner Sebastian Vettel has already won three times this season.

“I need to have a win coming my way,” Webber, 37 in August, is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“I just hope I get a whole weekend going right for me,” he added.

Webber said his usual Achilles heel, his race starts, has been much less problematic in 2013.

“The starts are beginning to be very good, which is an area I would like to thank the team for, but there are always other areas where you can improve,” he said.

Meanwhile, two former F1 drivers have named Kimi Raikkonen as an ideal successor for Webber at Red Bull.

“Yes, I like Kimi,” Gerhard Berger told Osterreich newspaper.

“He’s the coolest of them all, and surprised me last year with his strong comeback.  He would be a good option,” he added.

Mika Salo, who now works for the Finnish broadcaster MTV3, agreed: “There are all sorts of rumours about Raikkonen, but I think it would make sense for him to go to Red Bull.

“It would complement his other hobbies, like a bit of rallying and motocross, but it’s always hard to say what he’s going to decide.

“Certainly, of the number of candidates, Kimi would be one of the most desirable,” the former Sauber and Toyota driver added.