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Williams having financial problems – Todt

Jean Todt has named Williams as one of the teams “crying out” for a budget cap.

Jean-Todt-1The FIA president was asked by Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper about the highly controversial cap, opposed by many top teams as unworkable in practice.

But Todt claims: “They all want this limit and it must be in writing.  Then it will be binding.

“The teams came to me and Bernie Ecclestone and implored us to finally introduce a budget limit.

“Lotus has reportedly not paid its driver.  I hear that Sauber and also Williams have problems.  It can’t go on,” the Frenchman insisted.

“I am worried that we will lose teams.  Many are crying out for help, and our job is to listen to these cries.

“Formula one is in intensive care and time is running out — by the end of June, a solution to this problem must be found,” said Todt.