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Large crowds at the NA International Motorcycle Supershow 2012

The NAIMS is in full swing at the International Centre on Airport Road in Mississauga. The crowds are large and the enthusiasm for our favourite pastime is evident. Little kids,  big kids and full grown men behaving like kids in a candy store, it’s all there.

To be fair to all the shoppers, there is reason to be enthused about picking up that new pair of riding gloves or jacket or bike ! There are some real deals around, not on everything, but on enough things to make the trip worthwhile, even if you are the proud owner of the best, most desirable bike ever and nothing at the show could possibly peak your interest. In fact there are many bikes of all styles, genres and age to be viewed, admired and touched, but only if not expressly prohibited by one of those signs that reads something like, “the last guy who reached to touch my bike drew back a bloody stump…”. Some people are very protective of their bike. Can’t say as I blame them.


This year’s show offers up the usual melange of bikes, babes, must have latest gadgets and every manner of service related to motorcycles yet considered by the mind of man. Some of those services are quite unique, like “Boot Hill Hearse”. They take you to your eternal resting place in a motorcycle hearse. Yes, a motorcycle hearse. This is for the true Die-Hards among us as well as those of us who want “just one more ride” even after checking out for good. Like a traditional funeral services company, they offer related products such as an Urn in the shape of a motorcycle gas tank. Check them out in hall 5 where the custom bikes are located.

For their first time at the Supershow, UD Replicas was drawing a lot of attention and interest from show-goers. The UD stands for Universal Designs, “where leather rules” as their website puts it. They design, produce and sell motorcycle apparel made of leather. You might ask, what is so special about that? Well, number one, these garments are top quality, using the finest quality leather, plastics, Kevlar, gel padding and other non-traditional or even, dare I say, exotic materials in their creations. I say creations because these are not mere motorcycle leathers. They produce replicas, under licence, of famous movie hero and villain costumes. These garments are truly worthy of praise if for no other reason then the artistry and skill that goes into making them. But there are other reasons, according to David Pea, president of UD Replicas. The products faithfully reproduce the costumes worn by the hero / villain as the case may be, and provide CE approved body armour throughout. They offer individual pieces, jacket, pants, gloves and boots or at a saving, a complete outfit. As David Pea readily admits, these products are not for every motorcyclist out there, although I am sure he would love to say they are. No, this is for those who want not only quality, but notice when they pull up to their favourite donut place or get together with the guys and gals in their riding group. To be certain, the notice may not always be the favourable kind, but noticed they will be for sure. For more details and a look at these creations, check out www.udreplicas.com


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