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Jordan fumbles while meeting new Force India owner

Force India has a new billionaire as a co-owner, but the team’s founder had no idea.

Eddie Jordan, now an expert pundit for British television BBC, walked up to Sahara’s Subrata Roy in the Buddh paddock last Sunday and asked: “You’re a guest of (team boss) Vijay’s (Mallya)?”

Roy answered: “I’m his brother.”

Jordan: “You’re a brother?  Well then I know your mother, and we go to the same Indian restaurant in London, how cool is that?”

Mallya chimed in: “Actually, Eddie, this is Mr Subrata Roy Sahara, our new partner.”

Jordan added: “Oh, indeed, it’s a great pleasure, because new sponsors are not that easy to find these days, are they?”

Mallya hit back: “He’s more than just a sponsor, he’s an equity partner.”

Auto Motor und Sport reports that billionaire Roy gifted each member of the 60-strong Force India race team a EUR 4000 present in India, including a Tag Heuer watch and Montblanc wallet.